Finesse VOXBOX

Hey guys I want to tell you about this Finesse VOXBOX I received a couple weeks ago. Inside the box came these normal sized products to test out. I started out trying the Gel Couture 2 step nail system by Essie. I can not tell you enough how wonderful this polish is. I love the color and was amazed at how easy and quick the whole process was. I put the top coat almost immediately after and it dried very fast after that.

Next I tried the Not Your Mother Sea Kale mousse. This product smells so good. My favorite part about this mousse, besides the wonderful smell, is that it didn’t make my hair crunchy and heavy.

Then I decided to try out the Organic Red Quinoa & Brown Rice by Minute Rice. The best thing I found about this product was the fact that the quality is not comprised. It truly is delicious and ready in 60 seconds. Click here to see what I paired this yummy rice with.

The last product left in my Finesse VOXBOX to test was Olly’s Super Foods protein smoothie. I decided to make this treat with fresh strawberries yogurt and milk. Needless to say it had good flavor. However, the texture of the smoothie was so chalky there was no way I could finish it. The chalkiness did this smoothie such a disservice it had me thinking I did something wrong, until I read other reviews.

I want to thank

for sending me these complimentary products to try out.

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  1. Marilin Rafael says:

    I tried the Essie polish and loved it! Thank you for recommending it to me 🤗

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