Wedding Planning tips for the DIY couple on a budget

My ultimate goal was to stay under $5,000.

Congratulations you are engaged!!! Now take a deep breath and try hard not to stress or freak out. I’m here to help. *This is not a timeline so be sure to find a good one*

Step #1 If you are a broke ass like me… set the date for two years later.
Setting your wedding day that far ahead gives you time to pay everything that needs to get paid. You will thank me later.

Step #2 GET ORGANIZED!!!!! This is by far the most important thing to do. Not joking when I say get yourself a three-ring binder, some sheet protectors and some tabs. Find a planning worksheet that you like. I also downloaded TheKnot‘s app on my phone. It has it all. Click the link to check out their website. It helped me with the guest list. They offer a free wedding website. The website lets guests rsvp. It saves you so much time.

Make a list of all the things you will need to spend money on. (Food, drinks, venue, dj, cake, etc)

Step #3 Do your research. Find everything you can save money on. Get at least three quotes for everything. Look on LetGo, Offerup, Facebook Marketplace, just look everywhere to find your wedding decor. Ask questions and try not to settle for the first price you get, most times they are willing to take less money. Never forget about Amazon that’s where I got these cute favors for my guests.

Step #4 Once you found all the cheapest things start putting in your deposits or pay in full even if its 20-18 months before the wedding. Each month pay for the next thing. I didn’t do that and I ended up 40 days before my wedding with $2,000 owed and due in 10 days. Talk about stress. Try to have everything paid off by about 4 months before the wedding.

Step #5 DIY is your best friend. I spent all of $30 on my invitations. Out of curiosity I looked up how much it would cost to buy them from a pro… $200. I just looked up some wording, found what I liked, typed it up on word with some fancy font and woohala. Not to brag but my invitations where beautifully elegant yet simple. I also went to yard sales and used the internet to find great deals on decorations.

Step #6 Finish paying what you can in full about fifteen to three months before the wedding. You will know what I’m talking about if you don’t. Remember, 40 days before the wedding and I still owed $2,000. Stress for days. So do your best to have everything paid off by about three months before the wedding.


Step #7 Three months prior to the wedding order rings, tux and dress.

Step #8 Two months before call all vendors and check in or remind them. it wont hurt to verify your date and times are correct.

Step #9 Make a wedding day schedule. Assign close friends and family to be in charge of different things. Have a couple of meetings with the people helping you and tell them your vision and create a timeline of the day. Schedule the day like your life depended on it. Schedule time to eat as well because that day will be hectic and you will forget to eat.

Step #10 Go With The Flow on your wedding day. At this point it’s not worth the stress. It’s a happy day why ruin your day with things that are out of your control.

Just remember prior planning prevents piss poor performance!
Stay positive and enjoy life, you are getting married and it’s a wonderful thing!

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