Learning To Give & Receive Love

For so long you put up a barrier. You didn’t want to be messed with and you didn’t want to mess with anyone, but now… You find yourself lonely. You were so good at keeping others out and putting up that barrier that you taught yourself to keep all that love to yourself.

Excuses when putting barriers up.
A Defense mechanism. (If I remove you from my life you can’t hurt me.)
 Approaching relationships like this makes you isolate yourself from everything else that can be good.  Blocking off one relationship usually affects another. That fear of pain and rejection clouds your judgment in turn you make false assumptions about people. Do not let that fear dominate your actions. Think of that fear as something holding you back from greatness and break those chains. These emotional walls come are legitimate, they are a reaction to physical, emotional, or mental pain. This becomes exhaustingly hard and uncomfortable to reverse.
Trying to stay in control of the situation. (If I ___, then she/he will ___) Regardless of what you do there is no way of really knowing how a person will react. You could be doing something nice and can still not get the reaction you were expecting. With that in mind remove expectations, do things from the heart, remember that you have no power over any person other than yourself.
Resentment. Being or getting angry wears you down. No one wants to be with someone who is angry and resentful 99 percent of the time. Let go of it, it’s not worth the damage hatred and anger has on your life. Remember that there is more happiness in giving love than holding on to resentment. Use love to as a foundation of any relationship you create. Eventually, you will notice that you let go of so much anger and resentment that you actually let yourself be happy.

Positivity is a lifestyle!

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