Bahama Paradise Cruise.. Grand Classica


For our honeymoon i found this amazing deal to go on a 3 day 2 night cruise to The Bahamas. After waiting on the phone over (an hour and a half!!!) I was able to speak to a cruise line representative. I chose to upgrade to the concierge package and paid fees spoken about immediately. I told the representative that I wanted everything paid for up front to avoid having to charge my card while on board. This package i was told would include lots of perks.img_7748

Fast forward it’s cruise time! At the port we are checking in and the representative says they are putting a $100 deposit on my card something we were not previously informed about. Still excited we board the ship as VIPs the attendant assigned to us books our massages (included in the package) and a formal diner reservation. He goes over a few details about what is included in the package. He invites us to join the other guests for a lunch buffet.

We are seated and almost immediately we get bombarded by staff trying to sell us drink packages of which we were lead to believe that it would be included in our package. So here we go having to buy drink packages at $70 a piece. Immediately after agreeing on the drink packages the attendant tries to force us into paying $170 for a bottle of Hennessy that I can buy myself for $60 elsewhere. So horrible.


img_7787Finally we get to grab our food. The buffet had such a random setup. The foods clashed and had no theme (spanish rice and stir fry, ham…) The taste was good just wished they paired the foods in a better way.


None of the food i tasted was bad they just need to be a little more organized and make some changes. Dinner we went to one of the restaurants. The meal was cuban inspired and delicious. They brought us a peach cobbler for dessert and it was to die for. The following morning I visited their cafe to get a gourmet latte the barista was extremely friendly and was able to choose a perfect drink for me. Of course I was impressed by the heart shape in my cup. For dinner that day was our formal dinner. This was by far the best meal we had on the ship. They gave us appetisers, salad, filet mignon, and yummy desserts.


We spent most of our time by the pool. They had many games hosted by staff and a dj that played great music. My husband participated in several of the games. We had a wonderful time. We took a taxi down to the shops and bought a few things and after finding out it was our honeymoon the taxi driver took us to a beautiful beach where we were able to get in the water and enjoy the scenery.
The biggest negative of this cruise was all the added fees that were not priorly mentioned. It made us feel like we were getting ripped off. Each meal, drink or activity had an additional fee associated. The massages that were included had a fee of $19 each. The dinner was like $15. All these little fees came up to almost $400 when we left that’s on top of the $700 we already paid to go on this cruise. Overall we had an amazing time and some of the staff is phenomenal but it is not worth the added fees and the reaching for added sales.


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