Not my dream job…

img_3938I am 30, working as an office assistant in a small company. This is definitely not the life I imagined I would be living. As a matter of fact, my dream was to become a mom. As a teen I had no clue how life was irl (in real life), but knew that I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I graduated high school not knowing what I wanted to do with myself besides becoming a mom. I was in no way stable enough to become responsible for anyone even myself. Life taught me that in the real world you work and pay bills to survive, becoming a mom was put in the back burner. I started working retail jobs and became a store manager at the age of 22. From retail management I transitioned to office management of a small construction company. This company was so horrible for my self-esteem that I began to pray for a way out. I began looking for other jobs and god delivered. I am in no way working my dream job but I have found a company where I am happy, the people are friendly and drama free,img_4487 I have great benefits, yearly bonuses and paid vacation. Mind you, I took a small pay cut from being an office manager, but it was worth the peace I feel now. Moral of the story… Do not work at a place you hate that brings you an undying amount of stress. Even if you aren’t working your dream you can find a job that makes you feel at peace. I am now married and in a better place in my life. My husband and I are praying for kids now. I have faith that my dream will become a reality. I hope you find peace in your life regardless of what your dream may be.


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