My struggle with infertility…


I have been struggling with infertility and for some reason I can not find a doctor who actually cares to find the source of my problem and treat it. I don’t know what to do. I am getting older and I am starting to get scared that my dream of becoming a mother will not come to fruition. I try really hard not to put too much stress on myself about this. Every now and again the thoughts come to my head and I get sad but I don’t let that keep me down. It’s really disappointing that my obgyn just said take clomid for 3 months and if that doesn’t work then you need a specialist. I struggle with irregular periods

and each obgyn I have seen in my life doesn’t really try to find the reason why. One said just get on birth control that will regulate it. I took birth control for 2 years and when I got off of them… guess what same old thing. I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. I am going to “the best” infertility specialist in town in a few days. (Not surprisingly not covered by my insurance).


So I have promised myself that I am going to do another lifestyle change. I am currently overweight and I know they will mention that. I got ahead of it and have lost a healthy pound in one week yay me. I want to incorporate natural elements to my life that will promote fertility. I will be doing a lot of research. Most importantly I need to maintain a positive outlook and remember there are other opportunities, options and adventures on earth and regardless I can be happy. Please send prayers my way!

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  1. Thank you so much for your vulnerability! Keeping you in my prayers


    1. Gabs424 says:

      Thank you ❀️

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