Dear diary

This month has been a little difficult for me. I have been so busy at work and at home that I have been struggling to keep my life in balance. 
Work. We are short handed at work, needless to say, I had to divide the extra workload with my supervisor. I worked nearly 50 hrs this week trying to catch up and I still have plenty to do next week. Next week is crunch time to get all our spreadsheets finalized to get ready to close out the month and reconcile. Long story short…. we are shorthanded and I have a never ending work load.
Home.  My husband and I haven’t been on the same page. My husband is wanting a little more of me but I just want to shut my brain off. I’m so tired from work, I come home and just want to plop down on my bed and not use my brain. We began doing little updates on the house. I have also decided to cook most nights to keep us from eating out so much and cut back on costs.  So, there is a lot going on.
ME. I am feeling overwhelmed with everything going on. I have neglected my blogging and my personal bible study. I am feeling a little discouraged. I feel like I am spread too thin. I haven’t had time for myself.

 After typing all this I looked to the bible. 1 Peter 5:6-9 is so encouraging. It tells me to throw all my anxiety on to God and that I am not alone in my sufferings. God in union with Jesus Christ will teach me to be strong and firmly ground me. Philippians 4:6-7 Tells me not to be anxious over anything but in everything by prayer, supplication and thanksgiving. The peace of God by means of Jesus will guard my heart and mental powers. Wow this is so comforting and after reading that I actually feel better but I will pray about it tonight regardless.

What now? I decided to wake up 20 minutes earlier this coming week and dedicate that time to myself and to my bible study. Thank you for being my diary. Positivity is a lifestyle!

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