My thoughts…

My life is far from perfect. I suffer from insecurities and self doubt. Maintaining a positive lifestyle is easier said than done. It requires every ounce on my being sometimes. When negative thoughts come I evaluate them. Where did it come from and why do I feel that way? I try to understand my feelings but that doesn’t mean that they need all my time. Throw that negativity away. Literally ball up an invisible paper which is the negativity and toss it in the garbage bin. Work hard to push that negativity out. Make room for all the good things and center yourself on those. I am overweight, there are times where I hate my body. So I think to myself… “what am I going to do about it?” if my answer is nothing. I concentrate on loving myself. Regardless of the option I pick, it will take hard work. Being happy is hard work. I say this because we are living in a technical generation where everyone thinks happiness is fame and it just happens out of nowhere… poofff… we are rich and famous and happy. The reality is that you can be anything you want to be, with hard work and dedication. I want to be happy and I want to grow my faith and have an amazing relationship with God. I am working extremely hard to make it happen. It is ok to have off days, no person alive is perfect. You are you and I am I, we both have faults and that’s ok. Keep on keeping, you are doing a great job. Push that negativity out, ball it up and put it in the garbage. I am here for you, you are important!

Positivity is a lifestyle…

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