In my 30’s. I thought that by the age of thirty I’d have at least 3 kids, a nice new car, a huge house, a dream job or maybe not even working because my husband and I would be rich. Did I mention that I’d be traveling the word on yearly vacations.

I am five months from 31 and honestly, I am definitely nowhere near where I thought I would be. I don’t have any kids (not by choice as you know), my junky little car floods anytime it rains (it’s a trooper though), my husband and I live in a tiny little house in a meh side of town (kinda sketchy), if you follow and read my blog you know that I like my job but it’s certainly not my dream job, my husband and I are nowhere close to being rich nor do we travel the world every year.

With all that said, I am still able to find happiness. There are people out there that don’t even have the things that I am complaining about. In the past I didn’t even have some of the things I am complaining about. My husband and I work hard and save in order to achieve our goals. We know that it takes hard work and dedication to be happy. Yes, some days I wake up sad because I lose sight of what’s really important. Being in the present and loving life with a gracious heart. My next post will be a 5 day list of things I was grateful for.

Positivity is a lifestyle!






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  1. sunnydaysontheway says:

    I feel ya – 34, no kids, live in an apartment, share a used car with my husband, decent income but not enough to do much traveling. Not at all where I expected to be at this stage of life, but I agree there is still so much in this life to find happiness in and I am grateful to be surrounded by a loving family.

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    1. Gabs424 says:

      Life is too short to be ungrateful and negative. I tried the negative lifestyle and I was miserable so now I do everything in my power to maintain a grateful heart and a positive mindset. It is working for me. Having a loving family is definitely a blessing. Thank you for your positive message! I hope that you receive more to be grateful for. πŸ’•

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  2. sunnydaysontheway says:

    Thank you! I look forward to your 5 day list of things you are grateful for πŸ™‚


  3. Lee says:

    Positivity is a lifestyle ❀

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