Reasons to be grateful…

Day 1

  1. I woke up
  2. I came to a job that I love
  3. Coffee on this chilly morning so sweet and creamy
  4. I received a package from amazon earlier than expected.
  5. Goofy conversations with my sister
  6. Buying a gift for my oldest sister
  7. Fajitas with rice

Day 2

  1. I woke up
  2. I was finally able to come to work at my regular time
  3. My bridal set is gorgeous on my hand
  4. I love my husband
  5. The bible scripture for today was encouraging
  6. Even though I made a small mistake at work my supervisor was compassionate and understanding with me.
  7. A friendly advanced auto employee that helped me find the right oil for my car
  8. My cousin sent me a sweet and loving text
  9. Taco Tuesday – I ate a torta though

Day 3

  1. I woke up
  2. Even though we woke up late the kid made it to the bus stop in time
  3. My coffee made me feel warm inside
  4. Mrs S. sent me a nice text message
  5. I have a job
  6. I found two phone games that I am obsessed with
  7. The scripture of the day talks about living humbly and not focusing our life on riches because money does not stop all problems. so much information. It is so true and I am grateful for the message.
  8. I did a side job consulting for a previous employer and without knowing it that money came in handy today
  9. Soup on rainy days yummy!

Day 4

  1. I woke up
  2. I still have a job to go to
  3. Coffee gave me life
  4. My boss brought us breakfast
  5. One of my blog followers missed seeing me post
  6. I just realized that I’m getting a good check tomorrow
  7. Memories I am so grateful for memories. I miss my grandfather so much but these memories we shared can’t be taken away from me
  8. The way my husband smells
  9. My Fitbit because it motivates me to keep moving
  10. My sisters because they are my best friends
  11. Hot showers because they are so relaxing
  12. Charcoal peel of face masks even though they hurt there’s something gratifying about seeing what they pull off or out of your face
  13. The way my skin feels after a full facial treatment

Day 5

  1. I live to see another day
  2. The soothing sound of the rain
  3. My dark room
  4. My cozy bed
  5. The previously mentioned making me feel like I should fake an illness and have some me time
  6. Opening one eye and remembering that I am grateful to have a good job … off to work I go.
  7. Korean Dramas
  8. All our bills are paid
  9. Planning our menu for the week
  10. I remembered to put my Fitbit back on
  11. Smartphones
  12. Cafe con leche… (sniffs mug)
  13. Hashbrowns with eggs bacon and sausage on this cold rainy day. I love comfort food.
  14. Family. My family is so loving and supportive. I don’t know who I’d be without them.
  15.  Planning a date night
  16. Friday afternoon just hours away from finishing the work week
  17. K-Pop radio on itunes
  18. My husband made me an appointment for an eye exam … New glasses?
  19. Conversations with my husband
  20. Being able to call him my husband gives me butterflies
  21. A hot shower on a cold gloomy day
  22. Getting cozy and watching tv
  23. The knock on the door because it’s Sushi!!!
  24. Pecan Braid from Panera
  25. Knee length Sailor Moon socks
  26. The heater keeping us warm on this cold day


As the days progressed I was able to open my heart to find new things I could be grateful for. In doing this I have learned that there are a lot of things that I have taken for granted. I would love to continue doing this moving forward. Honestly day 5 isn’t over and I am urged to continue adding items to my list. It makes me feel some kind of happiness to find things to be grateful for. You should try it out. Only then will you understand what I mean. It’s like a treat when you add more items to the list and you feel proud of yourself. Make a list of the things you are grateful for and let me know how it goes.

Positivity is a lifestyle!


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