I Love Myself…

I woke up feeling confident in myself, I gave thanks for waking up to see another day and for seeing ones I care about blessed in their lives.

As you all know and have possibly experienced yourselves, I struggle with self love. So on days that I wake up feeling good about myself I become elated. One of the things that I learned to love about myself is that I can be very independent when it comes to working hard for the things I want. If I want a new laptop I save up and buy it and if I need a new car I do what I can to make it happen. I haven’t been one to sit around and wait for things to fall out of the sky.

Today I woke up loving myself. I have learned that there is no one alive that can love me the way I can love myself and if I don’t love myself no one can love me for me. I made a decision to learn to love myself and teach myself to be happy. You can do it too! I am not saying that it’s easy but I know that if you practice self love you can also have days when you wake up feeling confident in yourself. For me it was practicing to smile everyday and tossing out negative emotions. What do you love about yourself?

Positivity is a lifestyle!

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