What does it mean to be enough?
“I am enough” ?
I have been doing some research on the subject. I have asked several people and everyone has a different interpretation on what it means to be enough. All these interpretations are correct. There is no wrong answer. This is so deep and personal. In order for me to find the answer I have had to look inside me.

 This made me stop and think and it is a hard one to explain, I think it’s probably different meaning for everyone. For me it means I am enough for me and that is what is important to living a happy life. I am my best self, I am the best Sandra I can be. I am a good partner, I am a good daughter, I am a good parent, I am a good sister and I am a good friend, and. I like to think I am a contentious human being to the world around me. Am I perfect at all of these? Hell no and that is fine. I don’t turn myself inside out to please everyone, I give what I have to give at that moment. I don’t strive for perfection because with that path you will never be happy or satisfied so I am happy being me

Sandra B.

This subject has such a deep meaning to me because in the past I struggled with self worth. There was a toxic relationship I had that constantly told me I needed to be a certain way and I needed to change this or that. I tried so hard to fit into this mold that was created for me and every time I attempted to fit in it I felt worse about myself.

Humans are meant to evolve and grow, so when I hear the word “enough” I really think of “I am capable of”. “I am worthy of” some people might use this word as a moment of acceptance at which they are at. I feel it’s a catalyst to do the impossible in life.

Melanie U.

A friend brought out the point of Jesus’s death. He died for me, he knew I would be flawed, defective, imperfect. Jesus thought that I was good enough just as I am, a sinner every day. I am enough for Jesus to give his life for, for God to give his beloved son for. I am enough.

Fully embracing who I am as f-ing amazing- good parts and bad ( old, fat, disorganized, messy, can’t cook, etc.). I wouldn’t be wonderful me without being all these things that everyone else is always trying to change about themselves. I’m done worrying about people’s judgements, so instead of trying to change something and strive to be this BS “best self”, I love who I am and that frees me up to explore the world, create things, experience things and do things like never before.

Stefanie K

To me being enough means accepting my flaws, knowing that I am who I am, striving to be the best version of myself every day. I will not change myself for any human being that tells me I would be better if only I lost 5 more lbs or if only I went to college or if only I made more money. I am enough for me, I am enough for God! This by no means is an excuse to be complacent and get stuck. I will work at my own pace to achieve my goals, my way, the way that I want. I will love myself and my journey because I AM ENOUGH! Never forget that positivity is a lifestyle.
What does being enough mean to you?

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