It’s official I have PCOS

Well what can I actually say about this situation? How do I feel?

First off I won’t dwell on things I have no control over. I am grateful to my doctor for listening to me and taking interest in me. I have the answers I needed and a plan of action.

As many of us with PCOS have been prescribed I am taking Metformin and let me tell you my body doesn’t like it. It makes my stomach so upset (insert crying emoji here). Please let me know what your experience with Metformin has been and if my upset tummy will go away after time.

In the meantime I have been and will continue to inform myself on the ins and outs of PCOS. I had started eating “healthier” but I am realizing that I need to reduce my carb and sugar intake as well. I say reduce because I am 99% sure that I will never like sugar substitutes in my coffee. I do like monk fruit and stevia sweeteners in my tea so that’s a win.

I will keep you updated!

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  1. sunnydaysontheway says:

    I’m glad you have answers, but I’m so sorry that the metformin is giving you bad side effects 😦 Good luck with all of the adjustments you are having to make.

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    1. Gabs424 says:

      Thank you so much. I really appreciate you.

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