Not feeling it…

I’m sitting at my desk and I can’t help but wish I had my dream job. Come to think of it I am not sure what I would consider dream job material. Maybe actually taking advantage of being an “influencer”. I cringe every time I say that because I don’t feel like I am. At one point I was doing really well but my husband is not supportive and it really became discouraging. I would have to hide the photoshoots for products or do it when he wasn’t around. My new goal for 2020 is to be my own hype person and be driven to rebuild my Gabs424 empire. Being discouraged and not putting in the effort really affected my relationship with my followers and supporters and even some sponsorships. I’m 31 and I’m still trying to figure out what I wanna be when I grow up, heehee!

If you have any tips, tricks, ideas or just want to share some motivation leave a comment or message me on any platform.

Positivity is a lifestyle!


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