Time for another update….

Metformin… it’s now been a few months. I am happy to report that my body has now somewhat adapted to the medicine. The side effects are not as strong and intolerable as they were in the beginning. However, I still have days where the abdominal pain is excruciating or I’ll be running to the bathroom 10 times in one day (not exaggerating). Regardless, I am grateful of the changes this medicine has caused in my body. I am now ovulating… This is HUGE!

Weight loss has not come as easy for me. The doctor said not to stress about it. I have slowly and consistently lost weight but it hasn’t happened as fast as I would have wanted. Honestly I hadn’t gone hard on my weightloss journey. I shouldn’t be surprised that it is not happening fast enough. Can someone please hypnotize me into only liking vegetables, water and loving exercise!?! JK but seriously. Food is going to be the death of me. I love food. All kinds of food. I don’t discriminate.

To end on a positive note… I love hearing from you guys, thank you for being so supportive. Positivity is a lifestyle!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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