Keeping your word….

The importance of keeping your word…Keeping Our Promises Builds Trust. Despite living in a world with declining morals and standards of honesty, most people value integrity. The saying goes that ‘a man is only as good as his word is.’ Do you keep your word?

Because we are imperfect humans we often hold others to a higher standard than we hold ourselves. How can this happen? We might agree to something before putting in much thought and as the time passes we realize it is not something we would like or in the case of an event there might be two at the same time and the other seems like it would be more your style. If we fail to keep our word, we steal someone’s time, keeping them waiting for nothing. It could hinder our relationship and break trust. Overall who’s fault would it be if didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into? (raise your hand) Our own. If we don’t flake and endure whatever keeping our word requires, we can learn a valuable lesson. Think before you talk and mean what you say.​

When words are many, transgression cannot be avoided, But whoever controls his lips acts discreetly.

Proverbs 10:19

Think before you talk… thinking about the consequences can save you from many things. Be careful about making promises. Take into consideration how a promise can affect your future. Mean what you say… once you have considered all the outcomes it will be so much easier to keep your word. You will be ready, your heart and mind will be committed, to be true to your word.

Let me know what keeping your word means to you. Positivity is a lifestyle!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dash Mini Maker: The Mini Waffle Maker
Item dimensions 5x6x2.8 inches. They are about the same size of frozen waffles at the grocery store. You can make a batch put them in the freezer then pop them in a toaster for a quick meal/ snack.


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