Marriage 1.0…

Marriage is not for the faint of heart. You love and you hate. You give and you get. Sometimes you give and you give and you give… then you wake up and you are already mad at your spouse for the simple fact that they are breathing. There is nothing that comes out of their mouth that is not annoying.

YUP! That was exactly how I felt that morning. My blood was boiling and at that moment I actually felt hate. I had never woken up and felt like that before in my life. So…What can I do to change this? First of all I had to shift my thinking. I need to effectively communicate with my husband.

Unfortunately God didn’t give us the gift of reading minds so without communication there is no way for us to learn each other’s feelings. Communication leads to understanding and it is the right path to mend wrongs. Marriage isn’t always rainbows and butterflies it also has typhoons and Grizzlies.

The way to practicing effective communication means you also have to listen. Try to understand what your partner is saying. Understanding doesn’t mean that you agree but we all want to be understood. Sometimes we will agree to disagree and that is okay too. Once both of us decided to actually listen we were able to clear misunderstandings and work on our shortcomings. Never forget to apologize for any wrongdoings. Take ownership of the part you played. If you truly decide to forgive then forget and move on.

When I received my husband’s apology and I listened to him I was able to understand what had him frustrated wasn’t about me and made sure I knew he felt wrong for taking it out on me. I decided to forgive and forget. We were able to move on and plan a date night…

Positivity is a lifestyle!


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  1. Pamela says:

    Marriage is a gift but you will have tribulation.

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  2. Great post 😁

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