a new world


There has been such a change in the world at the moment. It feels like we are living in a new world. I am not sure which way is up. I am frustrated because we live in an imperfect world. The governments in the state I live in are not thinking about the best interest of the people and even members of my family are taking the situation likely. Every outlet has been overtaken by COVID-19 and I just couldn’t bring myself to blog because my life has also been consumed with concern about when this virus would hit close to home and I am praying everyday that I wont fall victim to such a tragic ending or worse someone I love. My place of employment as of today is classified as essential. I had to have a difficult conversation with my boss. I have underlying conditions that put me high at risk for complications. I informed my boss that after the amount of infected passed 1000 I would stay at home and shelter in place. I asked to please be understood and allow me to still be employed after this blows over. 4 days ago as the numbers got closer to 1000 my boss presented me with an option that completely shocked me. Together we came up with an option that allows me to work from home. 3 days ago the number hit 1083 a laptop was purchase and it took 2 days to get it programmed. Today the number hit 1700. As of 2:30 pm I have officially started to work from home. I am not sure what this new world will bring for me and if I think about it too hard my anxiety creeps in. What I can say is that my prayers haven’t let up. To my fortune the hearer of prayer has heard me and made it happen so that I can still pay the bills while sheltering at home. I apologize for such a grey post. I have my moments I am not perfect and I constantly have to talk myself out of a corner,closet, hole, ledge… you get the picture. Overall I am staying positive and I am doing my part to social distance and stay home. Positivity is a lifestyle!

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  1. Pamela says:

    Stay safe. Remember “the shrewd one sees the calamity and proceeds to conceal himself”, an ancient proverb.

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