7 month’s in…

2021… what have you accomplished? This whole pandemic thing has been so challenging for so many. I can say with certainty that my relationship with God has gotten stronger. I am working hard to read the Bible daily and meditate on what I read. I have daily affirmations to help me love myself because sometimes I am too hard on myself so I need to show myself love. Another good thing I have accomplished in the last 3 months is that I’ve lost half the weight I gained. Yay me. I am working with my doctor to lose the weight I gained in a healthy way making permanent changes that will have a lasting impact. Another one I am proud of is that I have helped my friend with her YouTube channel and it’s really good. Her videos are about fashion. Check out her latest video if you love fashion. Any ways, small accomplishments count so tell me all about yours.

Positivity is a lifestyle!


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