Support for Tea’s Liver Donor & Medical Expenses

Family and friends would like to support Tea in her search for a living liver donor. Below is her story:

As all of you know, living in this world is not easy. We all face many trials and challenging situations beyond our control. Sadly, I have been dealing with two auto-immune diseases, PSC and UC, for over 4 years. UC or Ulcerative Colitis causes inflammation in my GI tract leading to bloating, discomfort, and malnutrition. PSC or Primary sclerosing cholangitis, on the other hand, is a chronic liver disease where the bile ducts in the liver becomes blocked due to inflammation and scarring. Gradually the liver becomes damaged, slowly losing its ability to function.
There is no cure nor any medicine right now to treat PSC. As of now, my PSC has gone from bad to worse. As a result, I need a live liver donor transplant.
Through much research and prayer, my family and I have found a hospital that is not only able to do bloodless liver transplants (surgery without the use of blood products) but is also willing to use a live donor. I need a living donor not only due to the severity of my PSC but because, sadly to say, time is running out. A live donor would have to be a healthy individual who is willing to donate a portion of his liver; fortunately, the liver is the ONLY organ in the body that will grow back to its original size with the removal of the gallbladder.
Even though I am only 24 years old, who’s been struggling these last couple of years, dealing with chronic health problems, and emotions of my possible future, one thing I am grateful for is the love and support from my family and many friends. We appreciate all your heartfelt prayers and support. We are completely open if your heart moves you to support us in any way. If you would like more information, please contact my family or me. 💛💛💛

If you would like to apply as a donor, please visit with Teandria Green as the recipient.
If you would like to contribute monetarily feel free to do so via Cash App to $Lastingfaith or via Go Fund Me.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all who are moved to contribute. I know that we are living in difficult times and even if you only share this post it is still a huge help and I thank you!

Positivity is a lifestyle!


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