What’s wrong with me 2021…

I am sitting here being hard on myself once again. It’s the cycle of my life. I am just reflecting on my 2021. I will start with the lows and end with the highs so bare with me. This year was particularly challenging for me because my PCOS symptoms have worsened. My issue with this is that I want to do all the things to help reverse the symptoms but my motivation and will power is non existent. It’s like my brain just wants an easy fix and I don’t want to deal with anything that takes time and hard work. The last 3 weeks I have been struggling with chronic fatigue. Not fun. With that being said I have had some wins. I began helping my friend with her YouTube channel Simply Pamela (check her out if you love fashion). Her channel is doing so well she has hired me as her manager/ assistant and we have been planning for great things. Most importantly I have had spiritual victories. I have worked so hard to do more for Jehovah and spreading his good news. I can see how he has found my efforts favorable. I have been blessed with teaching a bible student about the bible and it has been so rewarding for me. God has shown me his love this year and I am glad to have a friend like him by my side. To learn more about the bible or to become a bible student visit www.jw.org

How was your 2021?


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  1. Pamela says:

    I see you! Thanks for the shout out! So proud of what you have done and how you are growing spiritually. All praise to Jehovah.


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