Hello Friend…

My depression has definitely subsided. Thank God! Unfortunately I let myself go health-wise and now I have to hop back into shape so I can undo all the harm. Coming out of a depression episode it is important for me to show myself compassion and understanding. Just as I would a friend if the roles were reversed.

My friends have been such a blessing in my life. They are such a wonderful support system and my biggest cheerleaders. I am beyond grateful to have friends in my life that are so loving and affectionate and caring. They pray with me and for me and support my journey in my service to Jehovah. Friends like that are far and few between in this world.

Today I emphasize my deep appreciation of all the wonderful friends I have in my life. I constantly pray that I can be to you what you are to me.

Do you have a similar friend? or maybe a few?

What do you think we can do to show them how much we appreciate their friendship?

Positivity is a lifestyle!


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