Being nice…


Hello friends! So I have been noticing hurt people saying that they are done with being nice because nice people get taken advantage of. I have actually seen this being said a lot. I wanted to come on here to share my thought about this. It is 100% possible to be a nice human and have clear defined boundaries in place to keep toxic people out of your life. A friend helped me realize we can still love a toxic person and wish them well FROM AFAR! Lets say that again for emphasis. We can still love a toxic person and wish them well from afar. It could be someone you remove from your life and you still pray for them and cheer them on from the bleachers and not the sidelines. Or maybe cheer them on from your recliner at home. Enough with the sports talk.

My point is being kind does not mean you let people take advantage of you. In my own experience I allowed people to take advantage of me when I did not have a sense of self worth. Lets change this notion of kindness being the cause of our toxic relationships. Lack of self worth allows toxic behaviors to infiltrate. Work on your self worth, set boundaries and be kind!

positivity is a lifestyle!


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