Motivated To Change Your Mindset

The Law of Attraction tells us that like attracts like. With that logic, waking up pushing out pessimism and focusing our energy on positivity can materialize into greatness. Direct your mind to visualize what you want to do or have. Don’t let negativity get to you. Learn how to use affirmations effectively. You are your best motivator. Realize it’s ok to acknowledge your, own, qualities. The way you see yourself is so important, because that’s how we create our realities. Eliminate any negativity that comes to you, do not give it the power to bring you down. Embrace positivity because you have no room in your beautiful self for negativity. Sometimes, the people close to you become obstacles in your life. There is a saying in Spanish that translates to “it is better to be alone than in bad company”. I completely agree, that, in those circumstances it is true. However, initiate relationships with positive people. Having the right people in your life will encourage you to go after your dreams.

Another helpful tip to keep a positive mindset is taking care of your physical health. And no, I’m not talking about extreme dieting or anything like that. What I mean is get eight hours of sleep, try to drink more water, eat more balanced meals and go for walks. The Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School’s study of  The Link Between Sleep and Mood shows us how lack of sleep affects us and the importance of sleep for our mental health. I bet you didn’t know that drinking water not only hydrates us but it helps our mood. How? drinking water eliminates our brain’s struggles against dehydration (headaches, tiredness, mood swings… you get it!). Eating balanced meals and exercise can lessen anxiety and depression. I can say with certainty that it helps. Since beginning my journey, I started to add a little exercise and cleaner eating in my life. The effects have been marvelous. Learn to let go, it reduces stress and leaves room for something beneficial. TRUST ME, let go it’s not worth the stress. Always, remember that no person or thing can make you happy but you. Choose to be happy, let me know what works for you!

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