The first six…

The first six months of my marriage have been a rollercoaster ride. There have been days where I. can. not. stand. my husband and other days where I get butterflies just thinking that he is the man I call husband.

I am a victim of Hollywood RomComs. I grew up watching these beautiful stories with happily ever afters. I believed that happily ever after meant you would be happy with your soulmate every single day for the rest of our happy beautiful lives.

Here is what married life has taught me;

  • Love takes work.
    • both parties have to decide they want to love each other and constantly find ways to love each other.
    • communication is key to every relationship
    • respect goes a LONG way.
  • Being happy does not mean you will be happy 100 percent of the time.
    • you and your soulmate are two imperfect people in an imperfect marriage.
    • it is completely okay to not always agree. Agree to disagree.
  • Find ways to enjoy each other’s company
    • it is easy to get caught up ion all the things that you don’t like about your other half. Reduce the time you spend nagging. You can set time aside when you are both not upset and talk about things that you would like to be different.
    • be silly together, be sexy together, be together and off your phones.
    • have conversations about everything and nothing
  • Be patient
    • there is nothing more I can say about this. You know what I am talking about

There are so many more things that we continue to learn on this journey to forever. What advice can you give me to have a prosperous lifelong marriage?

The key is remembering that positivity is a lifestyle!


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  1. Lee says:

    Congratulations on your 6 month anniversary ๐Ÿ™‚ โค I've heard the first year is the hardest and its sounds like you are doing phenomenally

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  2. Gabs424 says:

    Thank you so much โ˜บ๏ธ


  3. Marilin Rafael says:

    Love this blog!!! โค๏ธ

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