Being Happy…

Looking back, I had a huge misconception that being happy meant that I would never be upset or annoyed or angry or sad. Now with time, I have realized that my happiness is dependent on my mindset and outlook. I don’t suppress any feelings or emotions because they are mine to have and validate. The huge game changer is allowing myself to move on and not sulk in negative feelings I have. For example when having a disagreement with someone and my feelings get hurt I try to be quick to forgive. Remembering that I probably said hurtful things helps tremendously. It’s is for my own benefit to apologize or forgive, it brings me peace of mind.
There are days I wake up and feel my depression kicking in. I lay in bed and have the urge to cry. So I cry! Let me tell you, I feel better afterwards. Then I focus on all the good things around me. I thank god for the beautiful flowers and the beautiful skies, for my loving husband and family, for my home and job, oh and for letting me see that cute dog in the car beside mine. Being grateful makes me feel warm inside and HAPPY! I still have bills to pay, food to buy, work to work, new car to buy… the list is endless, but those are things that never go away. So I don’t make that the focus of my whole life. I work hard, pay my bills and most importantly… ENJOY LIFE! You can do the same. Positivity is a lifestyle.


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  1. Sadah says:

    This is wonderful.

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    1. Gabs424 says:

      Thank you!


      1. Sadah says:

        Would you like to join a new social network and promote your blog there?


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