Feeling Optimistic


Have you ever woken up in a good mood? Like I mean in a really good mood, for no apparent reason. Well that’s just how I am feeling at this moment. I feel like I’m headed where I want to go. With optimism at the war front, facing any obstacle on the path may be a synch. I am really excited for all the ways my life is evolving. We will call it a lifestyle evolution (#LifestyleEvolution). So this is a whole process it is not something happening over night. Let me tell you,Β  I am so excited to go grocery shopping. As you know I will be documenting the journey I am taking with a fertility boosting nutrition. My least favorite part of the whole ordeal is the exercise part, lol. I haven’t consistently exercised since 2013. That’s a long time. I believe I will attempt to dabble in yoga. Do you guys have any suggestions for me? On an unrelated note but also exciting, We are shopping around for a new car, yay me! My current car has been through hell and back… It’s litterally falling apart. Anyways,Β Β just want to remind you that positivity is a lifestyle! Look forward to hearing from you.

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