What we put out…

I had to make a separate post for these opinions I had.

In these current times we (humans) have been so focused on ourselves that we created a narcissistic era. Instead of calling for help we pull out our phones to get a video of a person getting stabbed or we just decided to mind our own business and not get involved. We (humans) believe that our opinions are the only valid opinions and have no tolerance for anything else. Last week I was discriminated because of the way that I look. We should be moving forward as a community. How can this kind of thinking make a successful community? It can’t.

My husband recently brought to my attention a Facebook post about a person saying they can’t get ahead in life can’t find a job. This is the same person given information on a work place desperately trying to find employees but this same person didn’t even call the company. The company I am currently working for is also desperately seeking employees. My boss hired a person Friday to start Monday… they never showed up. Work ethic? We have lost work ethics to a generation that has been coddled into believing that they should be paid just for being alive.

In reality we must work hard. We must work hard to achieve our dreams, our goals and just to maintain happiness or even stability.

My promise to you is that I will work harder to be a well rounded person and do good for my community. Remember positivity is a lifestyle! #LifestyleEvolution

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  1. amaznash says:

    This is so true! People donโ€™t try hard enough, itโ€™s hard finding people who truly have good work ethic which is sad! Great post! ๐Ÿ™‚

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