Well rounded…

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Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Pexels.com

The subject of being a well rounded person keeps popping into my inbox. So, I have decided to dedicate this post to it. To me being well rounded consists of many things. Positive experiences, qualities for being a good person and what you put out for others (family, friends, coworkers, community…).

Positive Experiences
To me this is the stuff that makes you feel good. Well-being defined as the state of being happy, healthy, prosperous. We need to find things that bring us satisfaction and make us content. Sometimes people mistake this for settling, but its not. Being happy never means you settle. Positivity or optimism being the main focus of your life will in turn make the flow in your life evolve to something beautiful. And that is what makes those positive experiences.

A Good Person
So what does a good person look like? I don’t know for sure but, I’m guessing it’s a virtuous person. A good person is well mannered, prudent. Using reason a good person will do their best to be just. They are capable of love, have courage, perseverance, ability to forgive and do their best to use wisdom in any given situation.

What we put out
I believe that our responsibility as humans is to nurture tolerance and altruism. Become a selfless and giving person. We should contribute to the success of our community. Our work ethic should also be something we pride ourselves in. It plays a part in having a successful community. This all goes hand in hand in being a good person, creating positive experiences and by my definition being a well rounded person.

What does it mean to be well rounded to you?


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