When it rains grab an umbrella…

Sometimes in life it seems like there is nothing that can go right. You try and try to do your best at being a human but nothings seems to go your way. Well, for me, it’s happening right now. My insurance charged my card twice which cut into some money I was counting on. I took a day off to go get my name changed and realized I lost my birth certificate, i was born out of state so i have to take extra steps and pay to get it sent to me. Called my insurance and they will reverse payment in two whole weeks. That was the money I was going to use for something very important this week…

What now?
img_7356I will tell you. Even though life has tossed me a curve ball I will stand tall. Don’t get me wrong I am upset and disappointed. Regardless of these things I know I can be happy. I will not allow myself to only focus my energy on the negative things going on in my life at the moment. I know with some effort and patience these things will be resolved. I will however be happy at even the smallest of blessing god throws my way. Like the text message from Papa John’s Pizza telling me the are giving me a free pizza. (this means I don’t have to cook and I will have leftovers for tomorrow which in turn saves me money twice). I was complimented by my supervisor for my work ethics, yay me… ego boosted! Every little good thing that happened to me was like a little bit of love given to me from god letting me know that I can endure. Remember friends positivity is a lifestyle!

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