I feel pretty…

On days that I am lacking motivation and self confidence I practice self love. I put on a nice dress (because it’s the easiest way to put an outfit together lol). Then I put some makeup on, not because I feel like I need makeup to be beautiful, because I want to do something out of the ordinary. I think of other things I can do for myself that will make me feel good.

Yesterday I woke up put on my dress and put on some makeup. I treated myself to a healthy lunch. When I got home from work, after I finished with the laundry and dinner, I took a relaxing hot shower while listening to some music. I cleansed my face and put on a face mask, I skipped dessert to make myself proud, I caught up on some Korean Dramas (shout out to Drama Fever), finally I went to bed at decent hour.

I woke up feeling refreshed. Moral of the story, on days that you lack motivation and self confidence practice loving yourself. Do things that make you feel good about yourself. You know what those things are… Positivity is a lifestyle!


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